Monique Simons

Researcher gamification & urban health

Monique is  a scientific researcher with a special interest in digital (game) technologies for promoting healthy lifestyle behaviors in an urban environment.  She has a background in Human Movement Science and conducted her PhD at the VU University in Amsterdam on active video games as a tool to promote physical activity and reduce sedentary behavior.

Currently, she is working on diverse research projects on digital (game)technologies for health promotion with a special focus on the role of the physical environment. The Behavior-Environment-Technology interaction plays a central role in her research.

The quadruple helix approach

She works in close collaboration with policy, industry and the end-users. This quadruple helix approach is a distinctive feature of her research, as she strongly believes that involving all stakeholders during the whole research process (from identifying and articulating research questions to implementing research findings) is crucial for creating societal impact.


As a researcher it’s important to get your message out to the general public. Here are some examples of how I promote my research about health and gamification through interviews, video and even television.


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