In the research program Gamifying Urban Health, I develop and implement knowledge on the effectiveness and added value of gamification for promoting healthy lifestyle behaviors in the urban environment. Here you can find an overview of the projects I’ve been working on:

Research Impact

Monique published more than 20 peer-reviewed articles and has an extensive international academic network. She has shown very successful in translating her research ideas into successful grants and scholarships (total amount > 1000,000.- euro).


Active Video Games. Can they contribute to the prevention of excessive weight gain in gaming adolescents?
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  • Active and non-active video gaming among Dutch adolescents: who plays and how much? Simons M, de Vet E, Brug J, Seidell J and Chinapaw MJ Pubmed J Sci Med Sport
  • Active video games as a tool to prevent excessive weight gain in adolescents: rationale, design and methods of a randomized controlled trial.  Simons M, Chinapaw MJ, van de Bovenkamp M, de Boer MR, Seidell JC, Brug J and de Vet E Pubmed BMC Public Health PMC Article
  • Replacing Non-Active Video Gaming by Active Video Gaming to Prevent Excessive Weight Gain in Adolescents. Simons M, Brug J, Chinapaw MJ, de Boer M, Seidell J and de Vet E. Pubmed PLoS ONE PMC Article

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